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Another Name Seal that I carved

Just carved another name seal …added a couple fishies to make it more playful, and this time I signed it too with my carving knife. Will stamp it on my new paintings.


This is the Yang style, with the design protruding…more difficult than the Yin style with the design carved in.

seal2018yang2Art by Tai Oi Yee


Just carved a name seal

I carved a seal this past weekend, not using the usual seal script but with my own calligraphy. Actually this is the first name seal I have done…the ones I tried before were animal seals.

I will start stamping my paintings with this new seal.

Tai Oi Yee seal
Seal carving

This is the Yin style seal carving, with the characters carved in, and the stamped effect is white characters with red background. I will attempt the Yang style carving later, with the reverse effect.

Here are my carving tools:


This is how I secure the stone:




Art by Tai Oi Yee,






Besides inkwash painting, I also love other forms of art such as pyrography. This is a piece of woodburning art I created for my garden.

I burnt my design with a woodburning pen (pyrography pen) on a piece of wood, stained it, and nailed it to my garden gate. The pen is just like a soldering iron that you heat up and then burn the art on different materials like wood or cork.wood4



Wood burning by Tai Oi Yee


Tai Oi Yee

The Seal I carved for the New Year


I bought a seal carving stand a couple years ago but haven’t done much with it. Just carved a fish seal and decided to make one for the Year of the Rooster/Chicken


Here is the fish seal I carved in 2013:



Turning 2D Painting Into 3D Art

Did you know that you can turn your 2D painting into 3D art?

Others have commented that some of my sumi-e is quite stylized, so I decided to turn my ink painting into 3D art and try it in jewellery design. I have discovered an app that turns 2D into 3D, and that transforms my painting into 3D models which can then turned into pendants, rings etc.

I drew the design with Chinese ink and brush, and voilà…here is my zen pendent . It is available in different materials like 14 kt plated gold, stainless steel, acrylic etc., but I like it in raw silver best.

Zen Pendant – Fish and Lily Pad in Raw Silver by Oi Yee Tai   


I also used my grass calligraphy for the Chinese word “love”, and turned it into this polished silver pendant:

Love Calligraphy Pendant – in Polished Silver by Oi Yee Tai   


If you are interested in turning your 2d art into 3d objects like what I have done at this shop, then try this free app and have fun.

With the advance of 3D printing, the opportunities are limitless.