Tai Oi Yee


Follow the heart…go with the flow. 

My sumi paintings are essentially monochromatic. I find boundless freedom in expressing myself through different shades of black, white and grey. I love to use minimal strokes capturing the essence while leaving enough white space for the viewer’s imagination. That stems from the Taoist thinking – sometimes not doing anything is action in itself.

You can read more about me at my website:

戴愛兒 – 



4 responses to “Tai Oi Yee”

  1. zerocreativity0 says :

    Amazing art here !

  2. inkwashpainting says :

    Thank you zerocreativity0 !

  3. azita Pourashraf says :

    I would love to find a master of Chinese painting and I am very interested in Tiger painting. I love the style of Asian artists painting big cats and I would love to find a master in Toronto to assist to their classes. thank you

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