Just carved a name seal

I carved a seal this past weekend, not using the usual seal script but with my own calligraphy. Actually this is the first name seal I have done…the ones I tried before were animal seals.

I will start stamping my paintings with this new seal.

Tai Oi Yee seal
Seal carving

This is the Yin style seal carving, with the characters carved in, and the stamped effect is white characters with red background. I will attempt the Yang style carving later, with the reverse effect.

Here are my carving tools:


This is how I secure the stone:




Art by Tai Oi Yee,   http://oystudio.com






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Follow the heart…go with the flow That’s how I paint, that’s how I live. My sumi paintings are essentially monochromatic. I find boundless freedom in expressing myself through different shades of black, white and grey. I love to use minimal strokes capturing the essence while leaving enough white space for the viewer’s imagination. That stems from the Taoist thinking – sometimes not doing anything is action in itself. You can read more about me at my website: http://www.oystudio.com 戴愛兒 - 簡約寫意水墨畫
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