My painting at the 2017 International Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society Exhibition

I have just received back from Tokyo my painting from the 7th International Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society Exhibition. I sent the painting to Ryunosuke Ransui Yakata, the President of ICCPS in Japan who arranged to have it mounted, transported to China, and then back to me in Canada. Thanks Ransui ! Many thanks to Casey Shannon, the North American ICCPS director, who has worked tirelessly for the society.

“Just Sit and Watch the Rising Clouds” is a variation of a previous painting of mine. I did it this time with colour ink and according to the dimensions required by the exhibition in China. The rice paper was white and I used black and blue ink only. So whatever shows as white is the original paper colour.


My painting won the Head Office President Award 🙂

Artist: Oi Yee Tai


About inkwashpainting

Follow the heart…go with the flow That’s how I paint, that’s how I live. My sumi paintings are essentially monochromatic. I find boundless freedom in expressing myself through different shades of black, white and grey. I love to use minimal strokes capturing the essence while leaving enough white space for the viewer’s imagination. That stems from the Taoist thinking – sometimes not doing anything is action in itself. You can read more about me at my website: 戴愛兒 - 簡約寫意水墨畫
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