Besides inkwash painting, I also love other forms of art such as pyrography. This is a piece of woodburning art I created for my garden.

I burnt my design with a woodburning pen (pyrography pen) on a piece of wood, stained it, and nailed it to my garden gate. The pen is just like a soldering iron that you heat up and then burn the art on different materials like wood or cork.wood4



Wood burning by Tai Oi Yee


Tai Oi Yee



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About inkwashpainting

Follow the heart…go with the flow That’s how I paint, that’s how I live. My sumi paintings are essentially monochromatic. I find boundless freedom in expressing myself through different shades of black, white and grey. I love to use minimal strokes capturing the essence while leaving enough white space for the viewer’s imagination. That stems from the Taoist thinking – sometimes not doing anything is action in itself. You can read more about me at my website: http://www.oystudio.com 戴愛兒 - 簡約寫意水墨畫
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